The Marlborough HotelThe Marlborough HotelThe Marlborough HotelThe Marlborough HotelThe Marlborough HotelThe Marlborough HotelThe Marlborough HotelThe Marlborough HotelThe Marlborough HotelThe Marlborough HotelThe Marlborough HotelThe Marlborough HotelThe Marlborough HotelThe Marlborough Hotel

Close to the MTS Centre and competitively priced but many guests felt unsafe

  • Many guests liked the location of the hotel and some mentioned the close proximity to the MTS Centre
  • Several guests thought that the room rates were priced affordably
  • Free Internet and free local calls
  • Check in and check out times offer some flexibility (3pm/noon)
  • Numerous guests felt that the hotel was in poor condition
  • Several guests thought that the hotel had an unsafe feeling to it
  • Occasionally guests complained about the hotel's parking
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Editor's Analysis
Updated Apr 9, 2012
The Marlborough Hotel is located on the east side of Smith Street, between Ellice Avenue and Portage Avenue in Winnipeg, Manitoba. 

Facilities at the pet friendly hotel (pet fee: $10/night) include banquet rooms, elevators, parking ($12/night) and a business centre. The hotel also offers several leisure facilities including a whirlpool, an indoor pool (10am to 10pm), a waterslide, a restaurant (breakfast extra), and a fitness room. The latter includes cardio equipment, a universal gym, and a gym mat.

There are 148 rooms at the nine-story hotel, with a range of room types available from standard guest rooms to suites. Common amenities include Simmons mattress sets, free wireless Internet, free local calls, televisions with cable, coffee makers, hair dryers, and ironing equipment. The hotel offers both smoking and non-smoking rooms.

The VIA Rail station is about 1.5km away from the hotel while the MTS Centre is also very close by, at a distance of about 210m away (distances - Google Maps).

Check in time at this hotel is at 3pm while check out time is at noon.

Verified with a Front Desk Agent: agent said breakfast was only free with group bookings, agent said there was a smoking floor at the hotel, and agent said that the pet fee was $10/night.
The Good
Guests that stayed at this hotel did not seem to be too impressed with the property at all. However some guests still felt as though the hotel had some selling features and those included the location and the room rates.

Many guests indicated that they found the proximity of the hotel convenient. Some of these guests did not specifically mention the Winnipeg destinations that they were visiting but just said they liked the hotel's location. Some guests specifically said that the hotel was conveniently located for visiting the MTS Centre, the home of the NHL's Winnipeg Jets.

Several guests also liked the price of the hotel. One guest, for example, said his/her room rate "was very reasonable" while another guest felt that the "price was good" for the downtown Winnipeg location.
The Bad
Guests that were not happy with this hotel were numerous and they frequently complained about the condition of the property, the unsafe vibe in the hotel and in the surrounding area, and the parking situation.

When it came to the condition of the hotel, several guests felt as though the property was deteriorating or in need of updating. One guest, for instance, said the hotel was "old and not well kept," another guest said that the hotel was "very run down," while another guest thought the "decor (was) old and (showed) wear and damage." Their were several more guests who echoed similar points of view.

The hotel had a bad vibe from a social perspective for many guests, a factor that actually chased some patrons away from the property before completing their stay. Guests often described loiterers "hanging around the entrance" of the hotel, people that created an unpleasant and perhaps slightly dangerous atmosphere. One guest, for example, said that the hotel was in a "poor area" and another guests said there were "lots of drunk people outside the door and after dark." Many guests did not feel safe at this hotel and multiple patrons said that the security guards were ineffective in creating a pleasant atmosphere. One guest even speculated that there may have been escorts "working the lobby/bar" on a Friday night.

Some guests were unhappy with the parking situation at the hotel and the security concerns already mentioned affected this part of the hotel as well. However, many guests were just unhappy with having "to pay extra" for parking. 

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Sources guest ratings averaged to 6.7 points out of 10 and the site had 62 reviews. guest ratings average to 5.2 points out of 10 and the property ranked 11th of 37 hotels in Winnipeg. guest ratings averaged to 2.9 points out of 5 and the site had 91 reviews.

Front Desk Agent: agent said breakfast was only free with group bookings, agent said there was a smoking floor at the hotel, and agent said that the pet fee was $10/night.
Editor's Analysis by Shane L.
Analyzed by Shane L.
With ample personal travel experience and years of professional hotel work experience, Shane is prepared and determined to help travelers find what they want when booking Canadian hotels.
Guest Reviews

Rated 5.8/10 based on 378 reviews

Ranked #45 out of 47 hotels in Winnipeg

7 out of 10 | Shauna stayed March 14, 2014

"Front Door"

"The main concern was the amount of people standing in front of the hotel doors smoking. There was a sign that clearly said must be 25 ft away. There was no on inforcing this. Perhaps an ashtray and regular enforcement might make the enterence more appealing and less scary to other patrons. My breakfast in Joanna's Cafe was excellent."


2 out of 10 | Almerante stayed October 05, 2013

"Strange Particles on the Floor"

"I booked the Marlborough Hotel online because the price was so tempting and so delicious, I grabbed my credit card and without hesitation, I booked it in lightning speed, wantonly and wantingly to taste the cheap yet magnificent experience that is the Marlborough Hotel, so grandiosely photographed on the website. The night has come so tired as a log, balanced with quiet exhilaration to spend the night in the hotel. Because the overnight stay was just CAD80.00, parking wasn't available. We needed to pay CAD10.00 at an adjacent parking lot. Me and my friend were NOT greeted by the doormen (3 of them just chuckling by the door, holding their cellphones), opened the door by ourselves and headed for the check-in counter. A lovely Filipino receptionist checked us in and wished us great night stay, which we needed so badly. Upon arrival in the room, we immediately felt the carpeted floor so gristly and grainy, as if it wasn't vacuumed since the 1970's. At close inspection, we realized that the particles were whitish, almost sandy in appearance, that covered almost the entire room. We have also found pieces of bobby pins, small plastic wrappers, used papers in drawers and smudgy bathroom walls and whatever more unknown particles, fluid or gunk hidden elsewhere in that room. Because of extreme lethargy, we just hurried our night shower and toothbrushing extravaganza. The water took almost about 15 minutes to heat up, which is understandable if it's in the 1960's. The towels were stinky, but luckily, we brought our own towels. I attempted to use the hair dryer, but when I turned it on, hundreds of electrical sparks came out the nozzle, I panicked in fear! Our beds caught us in sheer comfort and softness and joy... but not for long! The sheets, and pillowcases smelled like someone has used it the night before! It smelled like someone else's sweat on there! The electric outlets are so unsafe, we were so scared to charge our phones on that Dollarama extension cord. They use a 2 pronged electric outlet, and just let the third ground prong from the alarm clock to just stick out. We just took everything in, without calling for staff to change the sheets or vacuum the floor as we were too spent to lift the phone. We slept in fear and in constant disruption by the howling baby next room, the noisy couple arguing in the hallway. The walls are not sound proofed! Horrible night, but thanks to lethargy, we were able to pass the night. We had a great breakfast from there cafe. Great breakfast means wide selection and large servings and overflow of tasty coffee. I was so happy with breakfast, so as my friend. Over-all, I wouldn't recommend this place, it's almost like that Gates of Hell in Turkmenistan."


1 out of 10 | Kaleigh stayed July 14, 2013

"I was in the room for 10 mins"

"It was awful! I lasted 10 mins and then checked out, the room was stained, ripped up, muggy, smelly and found pubic hairs on our towels! It was a nightmare! And the elevators look like there about to fall apart! The front enterance and the front doors was full of what looked like homeless people and it was very dirty!"


7 out of 10 | Mohamad stayed August 31, 2012

"good hotel, convenient location, close to downtown"

"good location, good customer service, good rate, good basic services internet connection not steady, no free parking, house keeping could be better/improved."


9 out of 10 | Verified Guest stayed December 13, 2010

"Just about the shuttle and too far from hotel and the Taxi's are to high from the rates."


7 out of 10 | Jamie stayed July 20, 2010

"A fair stay at a fair pricd"

"With the exception of the questionable characters loitering out front of the hotel the marlborough met my expectations. For the price, I think it wad fine. The room was reasonable, but the handle was a bit tricky. If there's one comment worth making, it's that the breakfast that's included in the room cost su kes!"

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2 out of 10 | Maria stayed August 16, 2009

"During our short stay, we switched rooms 3 times. First time, the carpet in the room #415 was soaked wet in 20% of its surface. Second time, the room #604 had stinky contaminated carpet and a serious problem of ventilation and hunidity, also had bed bugs and I have pictures to prove it; i have 23 bites in my left leg. finnaly we were set inthe suite #412 to compensate the damage, but it was already too late. We talk to Mike, mannager in duty and to calm down our anger he gave us 2 free nights for whenever we want to go back, but: do we realy want to go back to that hotel? I dont think so."


5 out of 10 | Brent stayed June 11, 2006

"The cleaning staff threw my contact lense case in the garbage, so I had to throw away a pair early and use a new pair. The restraunt that is in the hotel has very good food but the service was the worst i've ever seen. People who sat down after us got served well before we did. I would not recommend to try the restraunt."


3 out of 10 | Verified Guest stayed June 07, 2006

"a person has to pay for parking which was across the street as well as I requested a smoking room and they didn't have one stayed the one night though"


2 out of 10 | Barbara stayed May 01, 2006

"Being from Winnipeg quite a few years ago - we thought the Ramada Marlborough would be a great spot. It was a grand hotel at one time. Now it is a mangy hotel in the core district with quite a few unsavory characters hanging around. We had to move from the second floor to the fifth floor as the candy smell they used to freshen the carpets was overwhelming and nauseating. We were to stay 5 days - left after 2. Would never recommend this hotel to anyone!"


9 out of 10 | Julie stayed July 15, 2005

"Every one in the hotel was more than helpful and had time to say hello, even though they were busy.It was nice to be greated every morning and evening with a smile. Yes i would stay again. Thanks to all staff."


7 out of 10 | Jodi stayed April 27, 2005

"We had a problem with the parking. Felt it should be complimentary. Plus even with our parking pass we still received a ticket. A very unpleasant discussion took place with the attendant and finally they relented and took back the ticket. How do we know for sure that the ticket will be taken care of? And why should this have ocurred in the first place. It was a rather bad ending to what I would say was a great stay at your hotel. I strongly recommend you consider making your parking complimentary. You'd be surprised how something so little can avoid so much aggravation, and how much it would be appreciated. Jodi Reichmuth"


8 out of 10 | John stayed July 05, 2004

"Because I reserved the rooms on the Internet I got the feeling from the front desk staff that I was a second class citizen. Otherwise it was a nice place. I would also like to compliment the night security officer. He seemed very professional and dedicated."


5 out of 10 | Mattthew stayed May 13, 2004

"We did not have a hair dryer or ironing facilities in our room. We did not recieve a reciept to reclaim GST although we requeted it."

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